My Magical Year

December 06, 2016

My Magical Year

2016 might have broken some hearts all over the world, but in the magical land of rainbow skies, enchanting mythical beasts, and giant inflatable unicorns where I come from, 2016 was basically the best year ever!

I got to meet some really amazing people who took me on wild adventures all over the world. I love making new friends and seeing them smile, I think that's my favorite thing about being a Unicorn!

Tori Levett & Giant Inflatable Unicorn
This year my family also grew a little bigger, the Giant Swan and I have been working on our own Squad Goals!
I can’t possibly tell you about all of the exciting things that happened in 2016 in just one post, so stay tuned to our blog to find out about some of my favorite moments this year!

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