One of the biggest dreams of #GETFLOATY is to bring awareness to the world and save magical creatures. Magical creatures aren’t just made up of mythical beings such as unicorns and narwhals, but they are actually around us everywhere. This year, #GETFLOATY is dedicating our efforts and a portion of our profits to saving Elephants. As a keystone species, they drastically change the environment in which they live in by helping to proliferate the ecosystem as well as the other species that live in it. If elephants were to die, hundreds of other species would perish along with them, and the ecosystem would be devastated.

We are supporting Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, an elephant sanctuary devoted to saving enslaved and distressed Asian Elephants that have been abused, disabled by hazardous labor, or orphaned by poachers. With less than 50,000 Asian Elephants left in this world today, conservation of these magnificent animals becomes even more crucial. Join us in our efforts and help us save the elephants!

KOLOLO Elephant Cause


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