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Meet Blogger Babe Brit Allen <3

July 27, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

#FLOATY Brit Allen

#FLOATY Brit Allen
#FLOATY Brit Allen Unicorn

Meet Brit Allen, the super chic and absolutely adorable blogger that we’ve been crushin’ on here at #FLOATY! We are absolutely obsessed with how magical her photos are. We did a quick Q&A with her so you can get to know her too! 

Name: Brit Allen

Instagram: @happilyeverallen 

Go to snack: Chocolate. Chocolate. And more chocolate! 

  Favorite vacation spot: Cannon Beach, Oregon! It's just beautiful there.   

Favorite things to do to escape the summer heat: We don't have beaches in Utah, but we do have lakes, rivers, and reservoirs! I LIVE in them during the summer!  

What are your must have accessories for this summer:As far as accessories go, my Unicorn from #FLOATY is taking the crown! This Unicorn is my favorite pool float I've ever owned! Not because it's giant, or rainbow, or darling, but because it inflates and deflates SO FAST! Honestly it takes 2 minutes to inflate (which is LIGHTNING FAST compared to all of my other floats) and deflates in a minute! (Also, crazy crazy fast compared to the rest of my collection!). If you've been wanting a floaty, this Unicorn is your jam!     


What did you name your Unicorn: I LOVE giving things names! I'm a nickname type girl, so I knew I had to name my #Floaty when he arrived! I went with Sir George, but it has to be said in a British accent! He scored a better name than my last floaty did... (whose name is Fobbio!) Poor Fob!

What adventures will you and Sir George go on this summer: Sir George has already experienced SO MUCH, but I think his next few adventures will include a 6 mile hike up to a private pond in the mountains, and a few camp outs! (Sir George is so big, he doubles as an air mattress!) 

Check out the magical adventures of Brit and Sir George <3

#FLOATY Brit Allen Unicorn

#FLOATY Brit Allen Unicorn

#FLOATY Brit Allen

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