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#FLOATY at FLOATFEST Extravaganza

August 25, 2015 1 min read 1 Comment

#FLOATY at FLOATFEST Extravaganza

Feeling adventurous? Come camp with us this weekend at FLOATFEST in San Marcos, Texas. The entire weekend is sure to be filled with crazy shenanigans. Start your day at 9am by floating down the river to Cool River Ranch. Most people will be in inflatable tubes, but be the unique floater on one of our impressive FLOATYs. Imagine floating down the 2½ mile river on top of the most majestic creature in the world – a giant Magical Unicorn. Guaranteed the magical powers of our #FLOATY unicorn will make an impression and you’ll be a striking presence in the midst of all the floaters. Just make sure you’re fully prepared for all the attention you’ll be sure to receive. After a morning of floating, follow our floats to the stage for some jamming music. Last year, an inflatable swan crowd surfed. 

This year, help our unicorn fly the way that this regal creature is meant to – lift our unicorns up high and let them touch the sky, and don’t forget to rock out! Grab your friends, your #FLOATY'S, your camping gear, and your need for adventure and meet us in Texas. Please remember to be responsible and love our earth- clean up after yourself so that we can continue to enjoy FLOATFEST year after year. Our challenge for you is to get as many inflatable floats in the air as possible so we can capture an epic photo with a sea of swans and unicorns. MAKE IT FLY!  Show us videos and photos of your weekend floatscapades at ig: getfloaty. For last minute tickets:

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March 17, 2016

Will you guys be able to make an octopus in the future?!

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