Say hello to our magical creatures!

May 03, 2018

Say hello to our magical creatures!

Big thanks to Elite Daily for featuring two of our magical creatures - the Big Unicorn and the unicorn of the sea, the Giant Narwhal!

These Animal Pool Floats Will Speak To Your Soul This Summer 

This Unicorn Float Is A Rainbow Dream Come True

Big Unicorn, $59, Kololo


If you're all about magical creatures, you'll fall head over heels for this unicorn float. Let's get to the point here. From the rainbow tail to the golden horn, this unicorn has everything you'd want for the most perfect day spent at the beach.

If You Love Narwhals, You'll Be Happy This Float Exists

Giant Narwhal, $59, Kololo

You'll have a whale-y good time with this float. Narwhals are basically like the unicorns of the sea, and you'll want to bring a little bit of rainbow magic on your summer vacay. Plus, this inflatable will look so sweet paired with a light blue monokini. Don't you agree?

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